This is Bircher Muesli: Swiss Oats and Fruits

Bircher Muesli: Swiss Oats and Fruits



Yield 2 people



Accompaniments (Choose What You Like)


Stage 1 - Pre-Soak Oats

  1. In a mixing bowl, combine your oats with your raisins and mix around while still dry
  2. Next, pour in your apple juice and mix lightly together
  3. Place your mixing bowl into the fridge, and let the oats and raisins soak for at least 1 hour together with the apple juice. The longer the soaking, the better the muesli you’ll have, but 1 hour is a good minimum amount to get the job done

Stage 2 - Compile your Bowl of Muesli

  1. After at least an hour, take your mixing bowl of muesli out of the fridge and partition evenly among serving bowls
  2. From there, add any sort of toppings and accompaniments you’d like. The beauty of bircher muesli is that it is incredibly versatile and customizable to your taste. Enjoy!

Courses Breakfast

Cuisine Swiss

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