Hudut: Belizean Mashed Plantains with Coconut Fish Stew




Yield 4 people





Stage 1 - Make the Hudut

  1. To start with the hudut, bring a large stockpot of water to a boil and add the green plantains. Boil for 15-20 minutes or until soft (with similar texture to that of a potato cooked through)
  2. After the first 5 minutes, add the riper yellow plantains to the boiling stockpot as well
  3. Remove the fully cooked plantains from the stockpot, drain the water, and mash. You can either use a mortar and pestle here or a food processor to make your mashed plantains
  4. Add the water to your mashed plantains if they becomes too dry, and add coconut sugar to get your desired level of sweetness (if desired)

Stage 2 - Create your Sere

  1. While the plantains are boiling, cut the fish into separate filet pieces, or you can leave the fish whole if you'd like
  2. Make incisions in the fish with a paring knife along the same line as the fish skeleton. Make small ½ inch deep incisions so you can season the fish
  3. Season the fish with salt and pepper and set aside as you heat your saucepan

Stage 3 - Cook and Finish your Sere

  1. Heat a saucepan or wok with coconut oil to high heat or until the oil starts to sputter
  2. Add the fish filets to the saucepan and cook for ~40 seconds on each side or until the fish starts to brown. Remove the fish once it has
  3. Add your coconut milk to the saucepan and bring to a boil
  4. Once boiling, add the onions, garlic, and okra to the coconut milk
  5. After 1 minute, add the fish and reduce heat ever so slightly, and cook for 20 minutes
  6. If you're adding fresh herbs, add some in when you have 10 minutes left until the hudut is done. The remaining herbs can be used as a garnish
  7. And you're done! Serve the sere with a hearty helping of your hudut (mashed plantains), and don't forget to eat with your hands

Courses Entree

Cuisine Belizean

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