Kam Heong Sotong




Yield 4 people





  1. Prior to cooking, coat the squid in the arrowroot powder

Stage 1: Pre-cook Squid

  1. Heat up a wok (or saucepan if no wok available) on highest possible heat
  2. Add ~3 tbsp of oil to the wok once it's piping hot. We used coconut oil in our recipe but whichever oil you prefer here
  3. Add the arrowroot-coated squid to the wok and cook for just 1 minute, then remove from heat

Stage 2: Bringing it all together

  1. Wipe wok clean with a paper towel and add another 2 tbsp oil
  2. Start by adding the dried shrimps first and sauteeing until fragrant (roughly 1 min)
  3. Add your shallots, scallions, chilis, curry leaves, lemongrass, ginger. Toss all the ingredients around vigorously and continue to fry for 2 minutes together
  4. After several minutes, re-add the squid and toss around
  5. Add the sauce and water into the wok. However much water you add is totally up to you. If you want more sauce, then add more water, but add at least 2 tbsp to help spread the flavor of the sauce around the dish
  6. Take the wok off heat and serve immediately. Garnish with scallions

Courses Entree

Cuisine Malaysian

Recipe by Arousing Appetites: Home to the Serious Cook at