Kottu Roti

Kottu Roti




Yield 4 people




Stage 1 - Make the Base Paste

  1. In a food processor, combine your garlic, ginger, tomato, ½ an onion, and 1½ jalapenos. Blitz together until you have a paste formed

Stage 2 - Putting it All Together

  1. Take a wok over high heat and add your olive oil. Once warm, add your fennel seeds and begin toasting them
  2. As the fennel seeds begin to toast (about 30-45 seconds), brown and pop, continue by adding your paste
  3. Stir the paste around and heat it up for about 1 minute. It should start to get fragrant around the 45 second mark or so, which is a good thing
  4. After 1 minute, add the tomato paste and dark soy sauce, then stir around. The paste should turn a dark brownish color and develop another fragrance. Stir for 30 seconds
  5. Add your coriander powder, chili powder, ground cumin, curry powder and/or any garam masala into the brownish paste. Stir thoroughly through to distribute the spices and keep stirring for another 1 minute thereafter
  6. Add your remaining onion, carrot, bell peppers and stir into the paste. Reduce the heat to medium high heat and cook together for another 2 minutes. Note: if it starts to get a little dry, feel free to add a dash of water
  7. Finally, add your roti in, and stir well into the paste. Continue to cook for at least 2 more minutes, using the back of your ladle or spoon or fork to mash the roti into smaller pieces.
  8. After 2 minutes of cooking and mashing, take your kottu roti off the heat. Be sure not to cook for much longer so as to not overcook and discolor the vegetables

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Cuisine Sri Lankan

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