Yield 20 silver-dollar latkes


Potato Latke


Greek Yogurt Accompaniment


Stage 1: Latkes - Grate Onions and Potatoes

  1. Use a food processor to grate the onion and your potato together. If making latkes by hand, use a hand grater to grate your main ingredient and onion together into a large bowl
  2. (Optional) Change the blade of your food processor from grater to the large steel blade and pulse batches of grated mixture for approximately 10 seconds.
  3. (Optional if making potato latkes) Soak the grated potatoes and onions in cold water for 10 minutes
  4. Place grated mixture in a colander and thoroughly strain excess liquid into a bowl. Save the liquid and set aside for a few minutes. If using a starchy potato base, the liquid will separate and the starch will fall to the bottom. This is a fantastic thickening agent for your latkes.

Stage 2: Latkes - Add Whisked Eggs and Herbs to Grated Mixture

  1. In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs and any additional fresh herbs together.
  2. Take the bowl of "starch water", pour out the water risen to the top, and add the remaining starch to the egg mixture and whisk well. This will distribute the thickener well throughout the latke mixture
  3. Add the egg mixture and breadcrumbs to the grated latke mixture and mix well with your hands

Stage 3: Latkes - Fry in Batches

  1. Heat a skillet on high heat and add a thin layer of olive oil to cover the base of the pan. Get the oil to a nice hot temperature where it crackles
  2. Add your latkes to the skillet and fry on each side for 2-3 minutes per side or until golden brown
  3. Take the latkes out of the pan and place onto a plate with a paper towel to soak any remaining oil out

Stage 4: Make Applesauce

  1. Combine the cut apples, lemon juice, coconut sugar, water and your spices into a small pot and put over medium heat on the stove
  2. Let sit and cook together for 25 minutes uncovered, stirring occasionally
  3. After 25 minutes, begin mashing the softened apple pieces either with a fork, whisk, or food processor. Keep mashing until you get to your desired level of consistency (we personally like our applesauce chunky)

Stage 5: Greek Yogurt

  1. Mix greek yogurt with dill and salt and pepper, and set aside

Courses Appetizer

Cuisine Jewish

Recipe by Arousing Appetites: Home to the Serious Cook at