A whole slew of flavors coming to your pallet with every individual bite. Poisson salé - especially with some added seafood like shrimp - is a real treat especially with its spices and aromatic ingredients inside!

Poisson Salé: Gabonese Salted Cod Stew




Yield 6 people



Stage 1 - Prep Work

  1. Before all else, begin by soaking your salted cod in a bowl or shallow dish filled with cold water for at least 1 hour before cooking
  2. Once your cod is submerged and soaking, take a large stockpot over medium heat and add your olive oil
  3. When the oil is hot, place your cubes of eggplant in and let them gently cook down for 15 minutes, stirring every ~5 or so minutes
  4. Once your eggplants have cooked down and softened, remove them from the pot and continue on

Stage 2 - Cook Aromatic Vegetables

  1. Next, increase the heat of your stovetop to medium-high and add your peanut oil in with the residual olive oil. When the oil is hot, begin by adding in your minced ginger and garlic
  2. When the ginger and garlic have browned slightly and are very aromatic, add in your chopped parsley and mix around for 1 minute
  3. Add your onions, leek and chili pepper to the pot next, and cook for an additional 3-4 minutes as all the ingredients begin to sweat and cook down

Stage 3 - Turning It Into a Stew

  1. With your aromatic ingredients cooked down and flavorful, next add in your chopped tomatoes (with the juices still intact hopefully) and your tomato paste. Stir around until they are well integrated into the pot of ingredients
  2. Next, add in your berbere spice, and stir well until that too is well mixed in. Cook for 2-3 minutes to activate the flavors of berbere
  3. When you can begin to smell the berbere, add in your sliced cabbage, carrots and bell pepper into the pot. Stir well and cook for another 3 minutes as the cabbage begins to soften
  4. Finally, you'll add enough of your broth or water to submerge all your ingredients. Add your eggplant back in at this time and stir well

Stage 4 - Cook the Poisson Salé and Finishing Touches

  1. If your cod has soaked for at least an hour, remove it from the bowl of water and rinse it once more under cold running water
  2. Take your freshly rinsed piece of salted cod (the poisson salé itself) and place it right in the middle of your stockpot of stew
  3. Submerge the cod with broth and vegetables, then reduce the stovetop to a simmer
  4. Simmer your poisson salé uncovered for at least 30 minutes
  5. After this half hour of simmering, add in your deveined shrimp into the stockpot and mix until they too are well submerged
  6. Simmer the shrimp for ~5 minutes until they appear to have cooked through, then turn off the stovetop heat
  7. Serve your poisson salé with boiled plantains, foufou, rice or even as a standalone dish, and enjoy!

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