Syrian Tabouli - parsley, cucumber, bulgur, red onion, tomato salad with lemon juice and olive oil

Tabouli: Syrian Parsley and Bulgur Salad



Yield 4 people



  1. While tabouli does not take much time to prepare, the bulgur wheat does need to be soaked for 30 minutes in cold water. Thus, begin by soaking your bulgur wheat before moving onto chopping all your other ingredients
  2. Next, very finely chop all your tabouli ingredients. Ideally, you should try to use a knife here and try to retain a bit of "chunk" in all the ingredients (especially the parsley), but you can also use a food processor if you're pressed for time. Just be wary not to over-chop and create ingredients too small
  3. To combine, take a large bowl and begin by adding your cucumbers, onions and mint. Stir well with a wooden ladle to mix the ingredients
  4. Next, add your minced tomato and stir again. At this point, let the ingredients sit until your bulgur wheat is fully soaked and ready to go
  5. When ready, add your parsley and bulgur wheat to your tabouli and stir thoroughly around
  6. Add your olive oil and half of your lemon juice and again stir
  7. Add your sumac, paprika, allspice and black pepper and stir. Over the course of your stirring, add the remaining portion of lemon juice to help distribute the spices
  8. Garnish with your sliced scallions, serve with a nice piece of Romaine lettuce, and you're done!

Courses Salads

Cuisine Syrian

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